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The GUM has a multidisciplinary team of enthusiastic employees. Although they each have their own area of expertise, we don't think in boxes. We cooperate closely with each other, other colleagues within Ghent University and external partners.

Marjan Doom

Director of GUM marjan.doom@ugent.be

Chantal Dugardin

Hortulana of the Botanical Garden chantal.dugardin@ugent.be

Freddy Mortier

Director of the Academic Heritage & Archives Entity freddy.mortier@ugent.be

Business operations & support services

Willem Dedobbeleer

Business operations & exploitation willem.dedobbeleer@ugent.be

Hanne Provoost

Volunteering & group bookings coordinator hanne.provoost@ugent.be

Bernadette Lagae

Leen Eynikel

Reception staff member leen.eynikel@ugent.be

Marleen De Meyer

Reception staff member Marleen.DeMeyer@ugent.be

Michiel Moors

Technical and logistics employee michiel.moors@ugent.be

Danny Van de Steene

Technical and logistics employee Danny.VandeSteene@ugent.be

Jo Vansteenkiste


Kristel Wautier

Collection policy coordinator kristel.wautier@ugent.be

Patrick Monsieur

Conservation & restoration coordinator - Conservator Archeology Collection patrick.monsieur@ugent.be

Tom Debruyne

Collection photographer T.Debruyne@ugent.be

Greet Vaderhaegen

Digitization, data management and collection registration greet.vanderhaegen@ugent.be 09 264 49 32


Michaƫl Marien

Marketing, communication & interaction michael.marien@ugent.be +32 475 61 97 60

Evelien Willockx

Alexander Jonckheere

Exhibitions production manager alexander.jonckheere@ugent.be

Annelies Lust

Educational activities annelies.lust@ugent.be

Lyvia Diser

Scientific employee lyvia.diser@ugent.be

Academic research & education

Dominick Verschelde

Conservator Zoology Collection - Coordinator research beta & gamma sciencies dominick.verschelde@ugent.be

Paulina van der Zee

Conservator ethnography collection- Coordinator research in the humanities paulina.vanderzee@ugent.be

Botanical Garden

Paul Goetghebuer

Jan De Langhe

Expert - Identification, control and inventory of dendrological collections Jan.De.Langhe@pandora.be +32 9 264 50 73

Emily Veltjen

Laboratory technician - DNA extraction, PCR, sequencing, microsatellites, alignment Emily.Veltjen@ugent.be

Jel D'Hollander

Fern gardener - Peperomia, Acanthaceae, Araceae, Gesneriaceae, rock garden Jel.dhollander@ugent.be +32 9 264 50 74

Ritchy De Kraey

Gardener - Begonias, carnivorous plants, bulbous plants, systematic collection of eudicots, water features Ritchy.Dekraey@UGent.be +32 9 264 50 74

Olivier Dubois

Gardener - Orangery, arboretum, materials manager O.dubois@tiscali.be +32 9 264 50 79

Herbert Evrard

Gardener - Public greenhouses Herbert.Evrard@UGent.be

Anneke Herman

Gardener - Kalanchoe, Pelargonium, Hoya, Peperomia, 'plants and people' Anneke.Herman@UGent.be +32 9 264 50 79

Marc Libert

Gardener - Propagation of woody crop plants and perennials, systematic collection of monocots marc.libert@ugent.be +32 9 264 50 79

Stephan Vandewalle

Gardener - Orchids and succulents, Mediterranean garden stephan.vandewalle@UGent.be +32 9 264 50 74

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