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Research into/using the collections

Our collections are linked to research in various areas
The GUM, the Botanical Garden and Ghent University have valuable and extensive scientific heritage collections from all possible disciplines. The GUM and the Botanical Garden, along with the various faculties of Ghent University, are responsible for managing these collections in order to record them correctly, display them to the public and preserve them for future generations of researchers, students and visitors in a sustainable manner. The collections also play a major role in the current scientific research at Ghent University and other national and international research institutions.

The GUM can draw on an enormous variety of items for its permanent and temporary exhibitions. Together, they form the academic heritage collection of the GUM and Ghent University, the largest in Flanders, with more than 400,000 objects. Six collections have been recognised as heritage collections and until recently were housed in a museum display. However, the vast majority are still unregistered, sometimes even unknown, and are located in corridors and offices, basements and attics, scattered around the campus. And the heritage collection is still growing, with new products of scientific activity being added all the time. Together, the items reveal the complexity, humanity and beauty of scientific practice.

The Botanical Garden is more than just a beautiful and inspiring place to visit. It contains many rare and endangered plant species and also plays an important role in scientific research. So don't be surprised if you see a group of students wandering around the Botanical Garden with pens and paper. As well as the special living collections, a renowned herbarium collection (dried plants, fruits and fungi) and seed bank are also kept and managed here.

In the future, the GUM and Botanical Garden wish to build even more bridges between the collections and research. As well as collaboration within the university, this will also involve alliances with other research institutions and museums at a local, regional, national and international level.

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The GUM and Botanical Garden also combine research and education: students have plenty of opportunities to get involved in and around the GUM and the Botanical Garden. Click here to see opportunities for internships and bachelor’s and master’s theses.

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