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Privacy Policy

The GUM takes care of your data

Who is our data controller, and how can you get in touch?

The “data controller” is Ghent University Museum (part of the Centre for Academic Heritage and Archives of Ghent University), located at Campus Sterre, S30, 281 Krijgslaan, 9000 Ghent. For questions regarding the way your personal data is processed, or any other concerns or suggestions, please get in touch with the Ghent University Museum via email:

Purpose and legal grounds of our processing your personal data

Your personal information will be processed for the purpose of our newsletter. The legal grounds on which your data are processed is your permission as a subscriber to our newsletter. You are free to withdraw your permission at any time by clicking the link at the bottom of this newsletter to unsubscribe. Withdrawing your permission does not influence the legitimacy of the data processing that occurred prior to your withdrawal.

Which personal data are being processed?

We understand “personal data” to mean all information concerning an identified or identifiable individual. In the context of your subscription to this newsletter we will collect the following data: your name, your email address and your language of choice. The Ghent University Museum will not process any particular personal data categories (“sensitive information”), which could refer to race or ethnic background, political preferences, religious or philosophical affiliations, or a union membership, nor will it process any genetic data, biometric data in view of uniquely identifying an individual, data concerning health, or information regarding someone’s sexual behaviour or sexual orientation.

Who can access your personal data?

The Ghent University Museum staff has access to your personal information on a strict need-to-know basis. Access is only granted for the purposes listed in the privacy statement currently under consideration. The Ghent University Museum ensures your data will not be passed on to third parties, except in case of your express permission to do so in advance, or access, use, retention or disclosure of your personal data is reasonably necessary. (e.g. in order to comply with applicable regulation, to detect problems of a technical or security-related nature, to protect the rights, property or security of the Ghent University Museum etcetera)

How long will your personal data be processed?

Your personal data will be processed until you unsubscribe from our newsletter. After having unsubscribed, your information will be deleted within a one-month period at most.

Securing your personal data

The Ghent University Museum puts adequate technical and organisational measures in place in order to protect your personal data against loss or any kind of unlawful processing. Should an incident involving your personal data occur, you will be notified in person in the circumstances defined by law.

What are your rights concerning the processing of your personal information?

  • You have the right to consult your personal data

  • You have the right to correct your personal data

  • You have the right to remove your personal data

  • You have the right to limit processing of your personal data

  • You have the right to object to processing of your personal data

  • You have the right to portability of your personal data

In order to exercise these rights, please turn to the Ghent University Museum, which will deal with your request within a one-month period at most.

Your request should be accompanied by a copy of your identity card. You are permitted to black out information you do not want to share. Your name, however, should remain visible. In case you cannot or do not want to send in a copy of your identity card, you can make an appointment and come by the Ghent University Museum in person in order to exercise your rights.

You can exercise the rights you are granted free of charge, unless your request is deemed manifestly unfounded or excessive. The Ghent University Museum reserves the right to refuse requests that are unreasonably repeated, require disproportionate technical efforts (e.g. developing a new system or making fundamental changes to an existing course of action) or jeopardises other people’s privacy.

If you are convinced your personal data are being processed unjustly or incorrectly, we request you first get in touch with the Ghent University Museum, via

If you believe that your complaint was not dealt with in an adequate manner, we would ask you to contact the National Regulator. They may be reached using the following contact information:

Autorié de protection des données / Gegevensbeschermingsautoriteit

35 Drukpersstraat, 1000 Brussels

Phone: +32 (0)2 274 48 00

Fax: +32 (0)2 274 48 35


Changes to the privacy policy

The privacy policy currently under consideration may be adjusted to continue to comply with the applicable regulations. If the privacy policy is amended, you will be notified through our newsletter and the link to the altered privacy statement will be added to the newsletter.

Confirmation of the privacy policy

By subscribing to out newsletter, you confirm having read the privacy statement, having understood it, and to agree with its contents.

Last updated: 03/12/2018

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