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Internships and final projects at the GUM and Botanical Garden

Internship opportunities
We are happy to welcome students to the GUM and Botanical Garden for an internship, thesis, Bachelor's or Master's project. We welcome both Ghent University students and students from other educational institutions.

As a student, are you fascinated by what we do? If so, the GUM might be the ideal place for your internship, Bachelor's or Master's project. Or who knows, you might find the perfect partner for your doctoral research here. Contact and we will get in touch with you.

Students from all disciplines are welcome to join us: from public history to biology and from cultural management to socio-cultural work.

In recent years, we have already worked with students on many different projects.

Various internships in recent years

  • Restoration of ethnographic objects (University of Antwerp, 2014, Restoration/Conservation)

  • “Voices of the past”: between object, memory and identity: on museums, objects and source communities (Ghent University, 2016, Public History)

  • Development of an Evolutionary Theory workshop for schools (Ghent University, 2017, Specific Teacher Training (Biology))

  • Preliminary Research into the evaluation of public mediation in test audiences: a study of how information in the museum is conveyed to the public (UC Leuven – Limburg, 2018, Advanced Business Management, Cultural Management elective)

  • Developing a volunteer policy plan for the GUM and the Botanical Garden: a hands-on approach to developing a better volunteer policy for the new operation of the GUM and the Botanical Garden, in addition to various smaller sub-tasks (Ghent University, 2018, Postgraduate in Cultural Management)

  • Ethnography collection – knowledge enhancement (Leiden University, 2018, Master of Arts and Culture, Museums and collections)

  • Drawing up a press plan for the opening of Ghent University Museum (Ghent University, 2019, Postgraduate in Cultural Management)

  • Cultural-historical research into heritage objects in order to provide access in the permanent collection of the GUM (Ghent University, 2019, Public History)

  • Development of a communication plan for education (Artevelde Hogeschool, 2019-2020, Undergraduate in Socio-Cultural Work)

Various Bachelor's and Master's theses in recent years

  • Determining the properties of microwaves (Ghent University, 2018-2019, 3rd BSc in Physics and Astronomy)

  • Determining the e/m ratio using a Teltron deflection tube (Ghent University, 2018-2019, 3rd BSc in Physics and Astronomy)

  • Measuring the capacity of Leyden jars (Ghent University, 2017-2018, 3rd BSc in Physics and Astronomy)

  • Study of Helmholtz resonators (Ghent University, 2017-2018, 3rd BSc in Physics and Astronomy)

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