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Platinum crucibles

You can’t do scientific research on your own. Other scientists are necessary to strengthen and propagate your hypothesis. Ghent University chemist Yvonne Désirant experienced this first-hand. She developed a new method for producing chemical compound hexafluorobenzene. She used these platinum crucibles during her production process. Unfortunately, back then, Ghent University was a male-dominated environment. Désirant could therefore not access official publications nor her male colleagues’ network. Her discovery was significant in her field of research. However, if you’re unable to share things, you won’t get very far. It would take her two decades to find the support she needed to be able to publish her discovery. From that moment on, scientists could start to put her findings to the test and develop them further.
  • Maker: Frédéric Swarts (researcher)
  • Date: after 1918
  • Location: Ghent, Belgium
  • Collection: History of Sciences
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