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Wunderkammer of TRUTH

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Concert series PALMARIUM is back!

This spring, PALMARIUM will once again present a thrilling series of concerts in our beautiful botanical garden. The program includes nine unique concerts with...
13. 03. 2024
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GUM & Botanical Garden Ghent announce new exhibition: Wunderkammer of TRUTH

After the huge success of the PHALLUS. Norm & Vorm exhibition, the Ghent University Museum (GUM) & Botanical Garden are opening the new exhibition Wunde...
15. 12. 2023
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Christmas holidays in GUM & Plantentuin

Welcome inside the heads of scientists during the Christmas holidays! There is no better time to immerse yourself in science, doubt and art in the museum or to...
13. 12. 2023
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Museum Night at GUM & Botanical Garden

During a night full of science, doubt and art, infiltrates MuST (the Museum Student Team) in the museum and the green houses with doubtful interventions. Welcom...
24. 11. 2023
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“Firespitter” helm mask
Greek statue of a woman
Model of a Horse-chestnut
Beauchêne preparation of a long-horned beetle
Fauna of Corpses
Long-spine porcupinefish
Leg prosthesis
Ifá divination bowl
Wax model of a woman’s face with leprosy
Wip Wap
Gallo-Roman hunting beaker
Model: age estimation of a horse
Hat mould “conformateur”
Glé head
Exoskelet Wall-X
Volcanic slag
Female bowl-bearing figure
Bust of a Neolithic chieftain
'Ball and stick’ model of benzene
Model of human ear
Metaphase in meiosis
Twin figure
Swarm robots
Red–figure kylix with athlete scene
Obstetrical forceps
Measuring cylinder
Platinum crucibles
Wire frames for surface tension study
Glossopteris fossil leaves
Tomb stele of Hetepe and Iki
‘Screw-barrel’ microscope
The god K’awiil
Phenakistiscope disc
Cast of a horse’s cerebral arteries
Simmental Cow
Lavoisier-Laplace calorimeter
White European mole
Hydrostatic balance
Seahorse tail
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