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OVERLAP: the No Man's Land between Art & Science

EXPO 30.10.21 - 09.01.22

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Thursday 6.01.2022 18u–22u

GUM corporate identity wins Henry van de Velde Award 2022

Fantastic news! GUM (Ghent University Museum) has won the Henry van de Velde Award 2022 in the ‘Graphics’ category for its corporate identity. The most importa...
16. 11. 2021
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'Penis plant' in bloom in the Ghent Botanical Garden

Great news with a scent from the Botanical Garden: one of the Giant Arums is blooming!Access to the Botanical Garden is currently limited, with a free timeslot...
13. 05. 2021
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How do you brush a paper horse? The delicate restoration of a 150-year-old Auzoux model

Ghent University Museum (GUM) and Ghent University look after a valuable heritage collection, keeping a close eye on the condition of each piece. From time to t...
25. 01. 2021
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Artistic anatomy and plumbing appears in the greenhouses of the Botanical Garden

Those who visit the greenhouses of the Botanical Garden from Thursday 7 January will discover two impressive fountains in the pond of the Victoria Greenhouse. T...
07. 01. 2021
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“Firespitter” helm mask
Greek statue of a woman
Model of a Horse-chestnut
Beauchêne preparation of a long-horned beetle
Fauna of Corpses
Long-spine porcupinefish
Leg prosthesis
Ifá divination bowl
Wax model of a woman’s face with leprosy
Wip Wap
Gallo-Roman hunting beaker
Model: age estimation of a horse
Hat mould “conformateur”
Glé head
Exoskelet Wall-X
Volcanic slag
Female bowl-bearing figure
Bust of a Neolithic chieftain
'Ball and stick’ model of benzene
Model of human ear
Metaphase in meiosis
Twin figure
Swarm robots
Red–figure kylix with athlete scene
Obstetrical forceps
Measuring cylinder
Platinum crucibles
Wire frames for surface tension study
Glossopteris fossil leaves
Tomb stele of Hetepe and Iki
‘Screw-barrel’ microscope
The god K’awiil
Phenakistiscope disc
Cast of a horse’s cerebral arteries
Simmental Cow
Lavoisier-Laplace calorimeter
White European mole
Hydrostatic balance
Seahorse tail
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