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Pauline Mikó starts GUM Residency during Museum Night

Those who passed through the greenhouses of the Botanical Garden during Museum Night Light were lucky enough to witness the start of the residency of Pauline Mikó in GUM and the Botanical Garden. We welcomed the Belgian-Hungarian artist for PLUIES, a performance in which she makes music with plants. Via sensors and electrodes, connected to the leaves of living plants and the artist's body, a synthesizer converts this bioelectric exchange into sound. Mikó modulates those sound waves into music. The performance is the start of her residency at GUM and the Botanical Garden.


Pauline Mikó (BE/HO) wants to give plants their legitimate place back in our urban life. By enabling a sensory dialogue with nature, she wants to focus on organic life. PLUIES is the logical continuation of her research into the human relationship with the environment. She has already travelled around Europe with her performances, including art galleries and botanical gardens.

GUM Residency

During the residency at GUM and the Botanical Garden Pauline Mikó will enter into a dialogue with researchers from many disciplines in this green scientific gem in the middle of the city until the end of 2022. Thereby she will further refine her own art practice. As a visitor you have the chance to meet her during this research and sometimes even to hear sound tracks from it.

This residency is made possible by Voo?uit en Gouvernement, the Ghent organization that supports young and seeking makers and focuses on long-term processes with room for cross-fertilization and trial & error.


Foto's: Michiel Devijver & Mara Standaert

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