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Wunderkammer of TRUTH

Does absolute certainty exist? And if so, can we even find it? What is science's role in this? Immerse yourself in the Wunderkammer of TRUTH and find out all about the truth... Or not?

  • 28.03.2024 - 21.04.2025

  • Part of your museum visit

Searching for truth begins with doubt

Sometimes we have to rely on others - but who can and who can't we rely on? What feels real and what feels fake? If films, books and theatre are not real, why do they sometimes grab us by the throat? Is what we know about the past the (only) truth? But also: do museums actually always tell the truth?

Once again, the GUM & Botanical Garden are bringing together big names and young talent from the art world with exceptional research from home and abroad and intriguing science projects in which you can participate live.

Curator Marjan Doom & exhibition maker Lyvia Diser selected in collaboration with Anne Wetsi Mpoma research projects by Anna Andreeva, Werner Demeyer, Durk Talsma, Philippe De Maeyer, Lore Colaert and Bob Rubens (UGent), Koenraad Verstraete (Radiology UZ Gent), Luanda Casella (KASK/NTGent), Laura Wante and Lien Goossens (University Centre Child & Adolescent UGent), Sylvia Wenmackers (KULeuven), Tine Destrooper (Human Rights Centre UGent), Sofie Verclyte (KASK, UGent), Luc Bourguignon (NICC), Ann De Koker (Police Ghent), Nele Wynants (UA) and artworks by Hélène Akouavi Amouzou, Will Cotton, Charles Degeyter, Nick Ervinck, Gwladys Gambie, Chidiebere Ibe, Gideon Kiefer, Agnès Lalau, Laura Nsengiyumva, Sarah Vanagt, Maarten Vanden Eynde, Babette Van Rafelghem, Katrien Vermeire, Odette Washini Messager, Kehinde Wiley.

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