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Join your guide and, together, delve into the mind of the scientists. Which challenges do they face? How do they proceed? Is there room left for imagination, doubt, and failure? How does that affect our lives and the way we think? Moreover, which exceptional objects support this story? From spring 2020 onwards, the GUM will organise workshops and guided tours aimed at schools and groups. Would you like to join us and be guaranteed a place? Go ahead and book a tour with your class or group.


For pupils in the third, fourth, fifth and sixth years of secondary school we offer guided tours (1.5 hours) and workshops (2 hours), during which we aim to spark the students’ capacity for critical thinking and encourage them to develop a critical eye. A scientific way of thinking and a scholarly approach take centre stage, as we move from hypothesis to reflection. The GUM is not a traditional science museum, meaning we do not just target physics, chemistry, biology or geography teachers. To those teaching Dutch, art, history and philosophical subjects the GUM has a lot on offer as well.


Guided visit GUM – all years of secondary school

How does science relate to the worlds of crime and professional sports? What if… a scientist would also be an artist? Can we measure the levels of love or racism? The group will tackle these and other questions throughout an interactive guided tour during which we take scientific thinking and a scholarly approach, from hypothesis to reflection, as our guiding principles.

  • Duration: 1.5 hours

  • Group: a maximum of 20 people per guide

  • Price: €70


Guided visit GUM – fifth and sixth years of secondary school

Here, the pupils are in charge, and decide on the visit’s content. Throughout the guided tours, the students get the opportunity to adjust the route, and to choose which of the museum’s objects and stories they want to zoom in on. The pupils will explore what makes a scientist into a scientist. They will discover the scientist’s entrepreneurial and artistic sides, but will also find out that a scientist has second thoughts and fails. They are confronted with examples of how a scientist interacts with and has an impact on society. Their critical minds will surely be sparked!

  • Duration: 1.5 hours

  • Group: a maximum of 20 people per guide

  • Price: €70


Interactive assignment – third, fourth, fifth and sixth years of secondary school

Divided into small groups, the pupils are sent out into the museum with a question pertaining to the philosophy of science. They will look for answers in (the stories of) the objects. How can we deal with knowledge in a critical way? What are the limitations of science? We will discuss the value of doubt, animal testing, human experimentation, and the possibilities and restrictions of science. Go ahead and put on your critical thinking and philosophy of science caps!

  • Duration: 2 hours

  • Group: a maximum of 20 people per guide

  • Price: €85


Interactive assignment – fifth and sixth years of secondary school

In this workshop, the pupils’ research skills will be fine-tuned. They will get cracking with the museum’s objects and a research question. What is the difference between your biological identity and your gender identity? Why does a nematode’s DNA matter to us? What if we could bring back extinct animals using cloning technology? What if five types of biological sexes were to be recognised? Clearly, we will not shy away from a heated debate on genetics and ethics!

  • Duration: 2 hours

  • Group: a maximum of 20 people per guide

  • Price: €85

Next to our guided visits and workshops, the GUM also offers teachers the possibility to take their class on a tour of the museum themselves, for which we will provide the necessary training. More information coming soon.


A guide will take your group in tow and together you will delve into the GUM’s challenging and surprising story. What do a Senufo sculpture from Ivory Coast and the 19th century Hipp chronoscope have in common? What is so special about Burggraeve’s anatomical preparations? In what way did Jan Palfijn differ from his colleagues who also designed obstetrical forceps? Are there multiple ‘truths’?

Stroll past hundreds of objects taken from the university’s unique scientific collections, and immerse yourself in the beautiful selected highlights from the fields of medicine to ethnography, from biology to archaeology, from engineering to linguistics. The guided visit will provide you with new insights into the scientific mind and the scholarly approach, and will make you think… and at time make you doubt.

  • Duration: 1.5 hours

  • Group: a maximum of 20 people per guide

  • Price: €85 + Admission fee

    • €8/per person

    • €6/per person in a group of at least 10

    • €2/per person between the ages of 19 and 26 - Adult education – Non-UGent student

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Using the form below you can request a guided tour or workshop. Take note: your reservation is not finalised until you have received official confirmation from us. For your information: the museum is closed on Wednesdays. 

Would you like to book a guided visit or workshop in the Botanical Garden before the new museum opens its doors? For more information, please have a look at Would you like to book a guided tour of the Botanical Garden after 20 March 2020, please get in touch with the GUM at

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